A Step-by-step Guide: 3DS Citra Emulator [Updated] | How to Install & Use

Citra is the first Nintendo 3DS emulator developed by Citra Team. Citra can run almost all homebrew games and some commercial games. Citra needs OpenGL version 3.3 or later to execute. Citra’s name is derived from CTR, which is the name of the 3DS model originates.

Download Citra 3ds Emulator

Citra is an open-source 3DS emulator accessible for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. A large portion of the improvement occurs on GitHub and in excess of 120 designers have just added to the Citra v on GitHub. Citra was made in April 2014. The first Nintendo 3DS exchanging game by Citra is “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D “. Citra can run some different games, for example, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf “.

What is Cirta Emulator?

Citra is the first emulator of the Nintendo 3DS handheld comfort, is customized in C++ and its source code was distributed under GPL permit. As of June 2019 it is being developed, yet can run for all intents and purposes all homebrew games, just as numerous official games, receive updates practically day by day, on its channels Nightly and Canary.1 2 Requires OpenGL adaptation 3.3 or later to Citra name is gotten from CTR, which is the model name of the first 3DS.4 Citra does not work very well with more seasoned PCs and should keep running on an x64.5 CPU.

3ds citra emulator

How to Download Citra 3DS Emulator

  • Simply go to the official website of the Citra 3DS “citra-emu.org” and click on the “Download Window, Linex and Mac” button. (Note: You can also download it from the above).

how to download citra 3ds emulator

  • This will redirects you on another page, all you want to do is just click download for Windows x64 orange download button.

How to Download Citra

  • So once it has finished downloading you can head over to your PC’s downloads folder and just find this setup.exe in there so just double click on it and we can now install the emulator so just click on next for the setup now.

How to install Citra

  • Finish the setup by accepting all the Terms & Conditions of Citra.

How to Speed up 3DS Citra Emulator

  • Run the 3DS Citra Emulator, and then go to the “Emulation“.How to Speed up 3DS Citra Emulator
  • Click on the “Configure“, after that click on the “Graphics” option.

How to Speed up Citra

  • Select the “Internal Resolution” dropdown list and click the resolution you need.

(Note: The more resolution you select the more slow down your game)

speed up citra

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