We happen to have been playing video games in the 90s and some of us would really love we can manage to get our hands on those games. However, with the pace at which technology is progressing, things seem a bit outdated and those games aren’t compatible with modern-day operating systems anymore. However, if you are willing to have a classic battle on your android, you can download the happy chick apk.

Happy Chick
Descargar happy chick is an emulator that allows you to have amazing emulation experience. It is available for two of the most popular mobile phone operating platforms, iOS and Android. You can download it in your iPhones as well as Android, and for the latter, you have happy chick apk download available for you.

Why Download the HappyChick apk

Availability of App

The Happy Chick emulator is a popular app for simulation and getting the desired environment on your devices. However, the problem is that it is not available in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Therefore, you would have to get the apk for happy chick download which allows you to download and install Happy Chick in your device.

Trustful & Truthful

You have so many different forums over the internet that provide you a link to download the happy chick app. However, do note that not all the links are trustworthy and you have to be careful about where you are downloading the happy chick android application. It is because many individuals have integrated the bugs and viruses in your applications which would give them control of your device to them as you install the application on your smartphone. While everything would work fine with the happy chick game emulator, the fact that your device becomes controllable is something for you to think over.

chick emulators


Compatibility of the App

Many individuals try to chick simulator and install it in their smartphones but it does not work the way it is meant to be. In certain cases, they are not able to open it up at all. Well, the reason is that your device might not be compatible with the emulator.

happy chick

For iPhones

The application needs you to have iOS 10 or later so that you can run it appropriately.

For Android

As for the individuals that download happy chick apk for their Android devices, you should make sure that you are running Android 4.0 or above.

For PC

There is a windows program of this emulator available as well for which you got to have windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

The Working of Happy Chick Emulator

As stated, the happy chick is an emulator that can be seen as software that turns your mobile into a machine that can run classic games. The games that you once loved to play in your childhood cannot be run on Android and iOS phones because they do not provide the required support for those applications to work. Therefore, you need to simulate the environment and make it feel like you are running the classic games in the environment which is suitable for the apps.

A classics Games Emulator

As you run the emulator, the applications get support and you are able to play the classic games. It is one way to get rid of modern-day games such as fruit ninja and angry birds which simply doesn’t have that taste. Look back at the time when you were a child, playing the super Mario bros and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and cherish those moments again with happy chick apk.

chick emulator Games

Support Consoles

The best thing is that it doesn’t really matter which console you used to play on as Happy Chick apk supports over 18 different consoles. So, you can get our favorite classic game’s file downloaded in your smartphone and run it from an emulator. Also, if you are worried about where you will get the link to download all your favorite games, launch the application and select the game you want to download. Click on the install button and you will be able to have it in your system, ready to be played.

Key features of Happy Chick:

Unlike many other emulators available in the market, happy chick appears to be a complete solution to the emulator issues and problems. It is a system that helps you in creating a decent environment via happy chick apk, allowing you to install and run your favorite games. The key features include the wide range of support it provides for various game formats. As stated, you don’t have to worry about which console you had because it lets you play arcade MAME and FBA, GBC, GBA, PSP, NDS, PS1, and DC among other formats.

Happy Emulator

Also, the emulator comes with a number of different built-in games for you to enjoy. And with an application for Android, iOS, and Windows systems, it certainly is a great solution for the majority of the smartphones and laptops in the modern world.

File Details:

  • Name: Happy Chick
  • Version:
  • Size: 56.5 MB
  • Number of downloads: 14+ M
  • Happy Chick APK requirement: Android 4.0 or above
  • Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Downloading and installing happy chick apk

Downloading the Happy Chick App:

To download Happy Chick app for Android, first find a suitable apk source link for yourself. Make sure that it is clear of all bugs and you won’t end up with viruses in your computer that may destroy your smartphone. Then, download the apk file from the link and go to the settings of your smartphone. Reach out to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and tap on the Unknown Sources option to enable it.

Once enabled, go to the folder where you have stored the happy chick apk file that you downloaded earlier and tap on it. A window will open up in front of you with app details and an option of cancel and install at the bottom corner of the screen. Tap on install and weight for a while so that the emulator can be installed on your device.

Now, tap on the happy chicks icon to run it and enjoy the 90s classic games in your modern-day smartphones and these all are free to download and play.


install happy chick on android

  • After you download it click on agreed to accept the Terms and Condition.
  • To download the games, go ahead and look through on the home page or download game what you like?
  • Tap on the download blue button you can see another popup. Tap on the download button again to fully install the game.

happy chick guide

  • Now enjoy any game you like the most.



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Happy Chick is completely legal or safe, you’re not violating any rule by installing it and using it to play games on your Android, IOS or other compatible devices, unlike other similar emulators.  Meanwhile, the app is 100% secure and safe to install. This app doesn’t support any other external software.

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You can play multiplayer games with your friends by using Happy Chick.  It supports local network, Wifi, and Bluetooth battles.

  • Open the Happy chick app and open a game which supports multiplayer battling.
  • I’m going to play “Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighters“. Tap on the play button and then local Netplay.

happy chick mutiplayer

  • After that, a pop-up appears you have to create a local LAN (Local Area Network) first.

happy chick online

  • Another phone must be to select “Join Game” from the popup.
  • Now, play the game with your friend.
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