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Back in its prime, the Nintendo DS was a standout amongst the best hand-held consoles ever. Unfortunately, that time has passed, and Nintendo doesn’t sell the comfort in stores any longer. That is the reason in this post, we’ll go over how anybody can play Nintendo DS games directly on the PC with desmume ds and we also cover how to use desmume smoothly. We’ll go over everything from how to introduce the product, how to load DS game up, as well as saving/loading, graphics tweaks, and even recording gameplay! Here is the complete step by step guide of desmume emulator features, updates, and many more.

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What is Desmume?

DeSmuME is a freeware emulator for the NDS roms and Nintendo DS Lite and DSi games made by YopYop156. DeSmuME is otherwise called YopYop DS is written in C++ for Microsoft Windows and can play Nintendo DS homebrew and business NDS roms. The desmume 9.9 its self is in French (with full client interpretations to English and different dialects). In any case, even French rendition of DeSmuME is anything but difficult to explore through menus as it has a comparative clients interface to DSemu.

Desmume Features

  • Render 3D graphics through OpenGL
  • Has a built-in audio/video recorder
  • Change the display size freely
  • Display rotation
  • V-Sync Windows and Mac
  • Heads-up display for showing the information of the emulator itself.
  • Change the display orientation
  • Swap the positions of NDS displays

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  • Current version: 0.9.11
  • Size: 1.78 MB
  • Support: Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Download File: .Zip
  • Official Website:


How to download DS Emulator Desmume

DeSmuME is the most prepared open source Nintendo DS emulator for Desktop. It supports apparatuses intended for programmers, speedrunners, Youtubers, and casual gamers. Homebrew projects are upheld and can even be repaired through GDB. Follow the steps to install desmume emulator:

  1. There are two versions available to download. The first one for Windows Operating System 32-bit and other one 64-bit.
  2. Check your OS bit-version & go to the official website to get NDS emulator desmume. You can download it from above link.
  3. Click on the download link.desume
  4. Wait a minute, it will start automatically. After the downloading finished “Extract files“. Click on “DeSmuME_0.9.11” Application to lunch DeSmuME.

How to Use Desmume

I recommend tossing your games in this folder, yet you don’t need to. Remember that desmume Nintendo ds emulator supports stacking ROMs in all the prominent pressure positions: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, GZ. Specifically, 7Z is the most mainstream design ROM locales like to use for appropriating Nintendo DS ROMs. So you don’t have to remove the ROM preceding utilizing it with desmume 3ds emulator. So, how to download roms for Desmume:

  1. Open your browser, search for drastic roms” and select the first website.
  2.  “Search game Rom” that you have to install. I download “POKEMON – BLACK VERSION”.dsmume
  3. After installing, lunch desmume.exe and open rom inside the application.

How to Speed up Desmume (Make Desmume Faster)

The desume 3ds focuses more on the compatibility of games rather than speed, so there is only so much you can do. This is something to keep in mind when tweaking the DeSmuMe emulator for speed increases.

  • Open up DeSmuMe
  • Click on “Config” at the top
  • Then click “Hotkey Config”


  • On the left side near the bottom, there is a “Fast Forward” option that you can change to any key you want.

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